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  1. Levitate -:-- / 3:20
  2. Absentees -:-- / 2:30
  3. Junk Apprentice -:-- / 3:44
  4. Halfway House -:-- / 2:33
  5. Into The Fold -:-- / 3:10

Released 25th January 2019

Levitate E.P. is the first release from Bristol-born singer/songwriter Rob Sharples under the moniker Scrivener, and an initial release for the new label Endearingly Ramshackle.

Written and recorded in London, Bristol and Moscow over a number of years, Levitate E.P.comprises a distillation of a large body of work ranging from gritty alt rock to spare and delicate moments, all weaved together with distinctive melodic sensibilities and layered vocals evocative of Elliott Smith. Writing and performing most of the instrumentation on the E.P., Sharples’ music is thoroughly crafted yet not over-adorned to allow the songwriting to breathe.

Lyrically wide-ranging, Sharples’ songs mine literary sources as well as contemporary experiential themes to explore the human situation:

“In autumn, 1845, I came upon, in your handwriting a book of verse so wild and terse it took possession of me And so a set of poetry in the pseudonyms of we three went to print, and like a flint sparked the flame of a dream”  –Absentees (track 2) –

Written in the form of a hypothetical missive from Charlotte Bronte to her late sister Emily, the lyrical source of Absentees derives from a text composed by Charlotte herself. After the death of Emily (1848) and Anne Bronte (1849), their sister Charlotte issued an 1850 edition of the novels Wuthering Heights and Agnes Greywith a preface that she wrote personally. This was of significance because it was the first official recognition of the authors’ genders, confirmation that they were not a single writer, as well as containing heartfelt biographical sketches of these previously unknown identities. Adapted from this preface, Absentees is intended as a eulogy to the lives and works of the three sisters.

The E.P. is a rich tapestry that sets the scene for a wider, more expansive and intricate work: the L.P. following in spring 2019…