Junk Apprentice


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  1. Junk Apprentice -:-- / 3:44

Junk Apprentice
Too proud to be a beggar, too blind to be a thief
Turned every trick together, left nothing up his sleeve
He gathered every answer and burnt it all for this
So hold your tongue for the junk apprentice

He always was a sinner, tried to dress up like a saint
The foulest mouth at dinner, loner at the masquerade
The wine he’d make from water always ended up as piss
Deathly drunk was the junk apprentice

We’d wake up like a blind man trying to find his shoes
And still be walking barefoot in the afternoon
Sweat from a cadaver, saliva from a kiss
He sucked his thumb did the junk apprentice

Laughed out of court like a guilty criminal
Trying to clear his name
The gallows swung high for the junk apprentice
Trying to cheat so late in the game

You think you’re loved for who you are?
Man, you’re resented for what your not
There’s one way out for the ones who bother
The rest of us think it’s not important enough
So wait in the wings for a chance you’ll never get
Spill tears on a fractured mirror, hold your breath
And play the worst part over again

No way. You’ll never understand
You can only fear the worst
Under heavens about to burst
Trade your sorrows for a curse
And scatter dust upon the grave
Of the man who bears your name
What was that? What did you say?
Just laugh hyena, laugh

While ministers and artists washed the bloodstains off their boots
The judges hosted orgies, and the pimps were in cahoots
An angel of the gutter spat an order from her lips
Saying ‘Don’t you cry little junk apprentice’