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  1. Levitate -:-- / 3:20

You hold your glass like a familiar crutch
The mercy of a sedative that offloads the ballast
And once again you levitate
Walking on the water for a day

You crush the enemy inside the shell
And forget that he’ll return with reinforcements tomorrow
With an axe to grind of the cannibal kind
He takes so much but never lends a dime

When I was young I had the sense to see myself as one
But you become a cast where all the parts don’t make the sum

So brother help me out with common dirt
Divert me from a beam of light that won’t stop refracting
And can’t be reversed. The blessing of a curse
Aspire to last for better better or for worse

In a living wake we keep our coffins closed
A footnote to an epilogue that will not be written
The best laid plans were lain to waste
So now we seek a fugitive escape