The Exception Proves The Rule


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Alternative, Low Fi, Rock


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Endearingly Ramshackle wishes to introduce you to the new single ‘The Exception Proves the Rule’ by the artist Scrivener.
This is the latest release from the enigmatic Bristol-born, Moscow-residing Rob Sharples. Available from Friday 16th August via Endearingly Ramshackle records.
An ageless piece of authentic songwriting offering reflections on the contradictions which arise through relationships. 
Unfolding in a fraught composition with vocals reminiscent of the late Elliott Smith, the song relates the human situation of striving for outcomes which are all essentially figments, where we neglect what we already have in pursuit of something which may never be attained, leading to the acceptance that the self is elusive…
“Tell a bare-faced falsehood to remind me who I am.”
An impressionistic narrative from an adroit wordsmith, the song evokes early Leonard Cohen and bespeaks an artist refreshingly different from his peers.
If you like the sound of this, you will be please to hear that the new album is due for release 20th September, titled In Memoriam, Out Memoriam also released via ER!